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It is now common practice that companies play an active role in health promotion and the prevention of disease. Beyond the legal obligation to ensure that a work environment is safe and healthy, it is in the common interest of the company and its employees to improve their health and fight back against disease. It is a form of corporate social responsibility, and commitment to this takes different forms in different places, depending on circumstance.

In developing countries, particularly in Africa, the public sector can be deeply flawed. Companies must take the leading role in healthcare, contributing to the prevention and treatment of widespread diseases such as HIV / AIDS, malaria and diabetes, benefitting not only their employees, but their families and local communities as well.

In Europe and France, the health policies in the work place have begun expansion. There is an increasing awareness of the close link between the health of employees and overall productivity, so more efforts are being made to improve the wellbeing of employees. Actions in this area are important but resources still remain poorly pooled and insufficiently disseminated within the business community.

My hope is that our actions contribute to creating widespread positive impact and inspire new initiatives that continue the spirit of business engagement and care

«Promoting Health: a tool to improve cohesion and performance in the workplace.»
Bertrand Collomb, Honorary President of Lafarge


SEE is led by an Administrative Council:

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Jean-Paul Berquand

Founder of Fairness Consulting

After being graduated in international business and marketing, Jean-Paul Berquand has spent much of his career at Lafarge, in France and abroad, especially in North America. He held various business, human resources and management positions. He is now Director of Lafarge headquarters and President of Lafarge Services Groupe. He has an active interest in supporting actions for workers who face daily life issues as well as measures promoting employees’ well-being. Since its foundation in January 2011, he has also been President of the Association Santé en Entreprise (SEE).
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Bertrand Collomb

Board Member of SEE

A graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique and the Ecole des Mines in Paris, Bertrand Collomb also holds a PhD in Management (University of Texas). From 1966 to 1975, he worked with the French government. He joined Lafarge in 1975, where he held various executive positions, including CEO of Lafarge Corporation, the North American arm of the group (1985-1988). He was then appointed CEO in 1989 and Chairman of Lafarge from 2003 to 2007. He is now Honorary Chairman of Lafarge. Resolutely committed to sustainable development, he served as Chairman of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). He is also a member of the Institut de France (Moral and Political Sciences Academy).
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Benjamin Erisoglu

Technitoit CEO, Co-founder of SEE

Benjamin Erisoglu started his career in 1996 as appliance field salesman, becoming sales manager four years later. In 2002, when he was 25 years old, he founded his own company, Technitoit. He has a vision of offering people roof renovation benefiting from ten-year warranty water-repellent, antifungal and defoaming agents combined with high levels of service. Today, Benjamin Erisoglu is at the head of a group which employs a workforce of more than 700 people. In just 10 years, Technitoit has become the leader of the home renovation sector in France.
In 2011, with Lafarge, he co-founded the Association Santé En Entreprise (SEE), and initiated the project “Un toit et la santé pour tous en Haïti” (A Roof and Health for All in Haiti).
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Jean-Gilles Bertrand

Fundraiser, Treasurer of SEE

Jean-Gilles Bertrand is graduate of ISC Paris and the Institut Technique de Banque. He lived abroad for a long time: Africa (Madagascar and Djibouti), French West Indies and New Caledonia. He was a banker for more than twenty years, working with firms and associations. Very interested in socially responsible investing, he now works for associations (les petits frères des Pauvres and then l’Ecole de la 2ème Chance du Val de Marne) as a fundraiser in touch with firms and major donors. For Jean-Gilles, Santé En Entreprise is a natural link between associations and firms. Every day, he wishes to bring these two worlds closer thanks to socially responsible projects they may share.
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Line Kleinebreil

Diabetologist, Board Member of SEE

Doctor Line Kleinebreil has been working at public hospitals in Paris. She headed the telemedicine unit at Georges Pompidou Hospital from 2005 to 2010. She serves as vice president of UNFM (Université Numérique Francophone Mondiale), in charge of e-learning health programs for French speaking developing countries, with a special interest in diabetes and chronic diseases. She is also Consultant for the Be He@lthy, Be Mobile WHO / ITU Program (World Health Organization / International Telecommunication Union).
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Patrice Lucas

Board Member of SEE

Patrice Lucas has 35 years of corporate experience (Groupe Danone then Lafarge) and currently serves as a member of the International Administrative Council of CBM (Christian Blind Mission), an NGO dedicated to serving those living with all types of handicaps in the world’s poorest countries. ( 2012 he created CBM’s branch in France to raise fundraising efforts and increase advocacy in France. (
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Erick Maville

Executive Director of the Association

Over the past twenty years, Erick Maville, a qualified economist, has been a global health expert with regard to development issues. Especially in Africa, he has led a number of health projects supported by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as international organizations such as UNAIDS, UNPD or the World Bank. Between 1996 and 1998, he acted as a Consultant to the International Centre for Childhood and the Family (CIDEF). He then joined the French organization AIDES as head of the International Department (1999-2004). From 2005 to 2010, he served as head of the EU office of the Global Business Coalition against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria (GBC). In January 2011, he founded Santé En Entreprise (SEE) with the support of Lafarge and Technitoit.
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