SEE in action

SEE aims to spread chronic illness awareness to business leaders and employees, while also creating plans of action and implementing them on site, calling out for the participation of local communities.

This year, SEE’s actions are structures along 3 axes:

Diffusion Efforts

  •  Revamping of the website
  •  Diffusing SEE’s Guide to Good Practices and the video “Diabetes, All Concerned”
  •  Creation of an online tool that raises employee awareness on the importance of health care in the workplace: an interactive e-health website

Quick, concrete actions

  •  Awareness presentations focusing on diabetes, hepatitis, and HIV
  •  Sailing Boat ‘On Board to Stop HIV’

Focus on 3 multi annuals programs

Our Projects

A Roof and Health for All, Haiti Mission

bus_diabeteWith the support of Technitoit, the operation looks to build 100 sustainable, eco-designed homes…

Malaria: Working Together, Africa, Haiti

bus_diabeteSEE aims to train healthcare teams and distribute Malaria Prevention Kits.

Diabetes, All Concerned, France and International

bus_diabeteSEE mobilizes companies in France and around the world to raise awareness on diabetes and the the importance of a balanced diet.

HIV Prevention and Testing

voilier_vihWith the operation “blocking the road to HIV, an awareness action is taken on location aimed at impacting locals, employees and learning establishments.

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