2011: First Edition of ‘Diabetes All Concerned’ – France/International


SEE calls to corporations in France and around the world to spread diabetes awareness as well as nutritional balance information.

« The Diabetes Information Bus » (France)

In honor of International Diabetes Day (November 14th), the diabetes information bus travels to meet business employees and the grand public.

  •  For one day, the bus parks on site, outside a corporation or a public space
  •  At each site, participants are engaged in small-group awareness discussion where informational literature is distributed
  •  Individual advice and quick testing is offered
  •  On sites where parking is unavailable, the project takes place under tents or in designated office spaces.
  •  Follow the project on our Facebook page: “Travailler ensemble avec les maladies chroniques” (Working together with chronic illnesses)

Diabetes in the world

Click on the map to access International Diabetes Federation data .


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