Private Sector-Francophone Africa: Fight Against Malaria (8 April 2014)

Under the high patronage of

Mr François HOLLANDE

Président of the French Republic


Because of its direct impact on the economy, business, and local communities, malaria is a genuine obstacle to economic development in endemic countries, particularly in Africa.

Today, it is widely accepted that the private sector as a whole has a key role to play in the fight against malaria. However, we have to admit that company investments in Francophone countries of Sub-Saharan Africa have low visibility and virtually no documentation.

To promote greater company commitment over the next three years, RBM and SEE decided to combine their efforts in order to develop an operational roadmap allowing the private sector to efficiently co-invest in activities to fight against malaria in the workplace and in the local communities of Francophone Africa.

Objectives of the high-level meeting:

Organized in advance of World Malaria Day 2014 (April 25), this high-level meeting is co-chaired by SEE and RBM. It has the following objectives:

• To review the state of private sector investment in the fight against malaria in Francophone Africa;
• To demonstrate a number of successful public-private partnerships in the fight against malaria;
• To mobilize business leaders around a budgeted and time-bound action plan (2014-2016) that is aimed at strengthening the private sector’s commitment to the fight against malaria on the ground.

Spot Video (in French)


 Meeting program


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